Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Are You Wondering About Our Sense of Wonder Days?

We are very proud to report that the 7th grade's two Sense of Wonder days were a huge success.  Leaving Treetop Adventures, both days, we heard numerous kids report, "That was the best field trip I've ever been on."  To see so many...and we mean SO, SO, SO many...students up in the trees, challenging themselves while supporting one another, is something to marvel at.  Our in house days also brought students together as they pitched tents, learned about our dependency on honeybees, tested bottled vs. tap water, explored the differences between whole vs. processed foods, and simulated migratory birds.  We hope you enjoyed the stories they brought home:-)  We will continue to post pictures as we upload and organize them!

Friday, October 6, 2017

Last Call For Sense of Wonder Permission Slips

We are getting close to our Sense of Wonder Days!  Today was the due date for permission slips, waiver sign offs, and payment.  If you were unable to get these in, please do so by Tuesday (no school Monday). Here is a link to the  
permission slip if you need a new copy.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Should I Know About My Child's Day at Treetop Adventures?

Treetop Adventures is located at the Irish Cultural Center in Canton.  We plan to arrive there around 9:00 am and depart around 2:30 pm.  We will be back at WMS by 3:30 pm.  

When your child goes, he or she should pack their backpack with the following:

- extra layer (a sweatshirt and/or pair of sweatpants) 
- a lunch & a snack (active bodies make for hungry bellies:-)
- a reusable water bottle (there are water stations on the course)

Students should wear:

- comfortable clothes that they will want to climb in
- sneakers/closed toe active shoes

Please, take a moment to preview and enjoy the video below with your child.  Teachers have shared them in homerooms.  Also, PLEASE, if you get the sense that your child is nervous, contact their homeroom teacher or a 7th grade house leader (stacey_reed, susan_chisholm, michael_lehr).  We have helped many students to step outside of their comfort zone, and we have watched many students exceed their own expectations!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Waiver for Treetop Adventures

Access to the online waiver for Treetop Adventures is linked below.  Students will not be able to participate at the course unless the waiver is signed and submitted.

Carson students travel to Treetop Adventures on Thursday, 10/12/17

Rachel students travel to Treetop Adventures on Friday, 10/13/17


Permission Slips Going Home Today

Dear 7th Grade Families,
Rachel Carson, our house mentor, cared deeply about the natural world, and the 7th Grade House strives to engage in multiple experiences to understand both her life and her legacy. Carson believed, “if a child is to keep alive their inborn sense of wonder, s/he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with them the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in.” We hope to be a part of inspiring a lifelong sense of wonder and awe of nature --- and the resulting desire to protect it.
So, on Oct. 12th  and Oct 13th, we are planning two days of wonderment and exploration at WMS and at Treetop Adventures in Canton, MA.
  • On Thursday, 10/12/17, students will travel to Treetop Adventures to participate in their zipline adventure park.  
  • On Friday, 10/13/17, students will rotate through nature-related activities and a wildlife presentation at school to generate a sense of wonder in our students.

  • On Thursday, 10/12/17, students will rotate through nature-related activities and a wildlife presentation at school to generate a sense of wonder in our students.
  • On Friday, 10/13/17, students will travel to Treetop Adventures to participate in their zipline adventure park.  

What to bring and what to wear for Treetop Adventures:
* Please pack and label a snack, water bottle and a lunch in a reusable lunch bag
* Comfortable clothing, sneakers, layers (including long pants), and gloves

* Sunscreen and insect repellent is suggested

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sense of Wonder Days

On Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th, the 7th grade will celebrate Rachel Carson's Sense of Wonder Days.  The days are comprised of and in-house day of workshops growing students' sense of wonder and energy toward stewardship, and the out-of-school field trip will be to a ropes course (TreeTop Adventures in Canton, MA) to grows students' sense of connectedness to both nature and the other members of their house.  Please note that on the day of the ropes course, Students will not be returning to school until 3:30pm.   

The Rachel Cluster will have In-house day on Thursday and Ropes course day on Friday.  

The Carson cluster will have ropes course day on Thursday and In-house day on Friday.

Field Trip forms, cost, and financial assistance information will be coming out this Friday.  

Monday, September 11, 2017

Homework Club

7th and 8th grade

Tuesdays room 131 with Ms. Netcoh
Thursdays room 136 with Ms. Williams